Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions set forth below govern the use of services offered by Batik Tulen related to the use of the site http://batiktulen.com. Users are advised to read carefully because it can impact the rights and obligations of users under the law.


By registering and / or using the site http://batiktulen.com, the user is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all contents in the Terms & Conditions. These terms & conditions are a form of agreement between the User and Batik Tulen. If the user does not agree to one, some, or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, then the user is not permitted to use the service at http://batiktulen.com.



  1. Batik Tulen is an online shop that sells original handmade batik Indonesia. 
  2. Batik Tulen's website is http://batiktulen.com
  3. Terms & Conditions are an agreement between the User and Batik Tulen which contains a set of regulations governing the rights, obligations, responsibilities of the user and Batik Tulen, as well as the procedure for using the Batik Tulen service system.
  4. Users are parties who use Batik Tulen services, including but not limited to buyers or other parties who just visit Batik Tulen sites.
  5. Buyer is a registered user who requests for goods sold by Batik Tulen.
  6. Goods are tangible/physical goods that can be delivered/meet the shipping criteria by the freight forwarding company.
  7. Batik Tulen Official Account is a joint account agreed by Batik Tulen and users for the process of buying and selling transactions on the Batik Tulen Site. Batik Tulen's official account can be found on the checkout page after the buyer chooses the payment method.


  1. The user hereby declares that the user is a capable person and is able to bind themself in a legal agreement. 
  2. Batik Tulen does not charge registration fees to users.
  3. Users who have registered are entitled to act as Buyers.
  4. Batik Tulen without prior notice to the user, has the authority to take the necessary actions for any alleged violation or violation of the Terms & Conditions and/or applicable laws, namely canceling the purchase, deactivating, and deleting the user.
  5. User are prohibited from creating and/or using devices, software, features and/or other tools that aim to manipulate the Batik Tulen system, including but not limited to: (i) Shop data manipulation; (ii) crawling/scraping activities; (iii) automation activities in transaction, buying and selling, promotions, etc.; (iv) adding products to the storefront; and/or (v) other activities that can be reasonably valued as acts of system manipulation.
  6. The user does not have right to change the user id.
  7. the user is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password that occur in the User's account.
  8. Batik Tulen will not ask for a user account password for any reason, therefore Batik Tulen urges users not to give your account password to any party, either to third parties actiong on behalf of Batik Tulen.
  9. The user agrees to ensure that the user leaves the account at the end of each session and notifies Batik Tulen if there is unauthorized use of the user's password or account.
  10. The user hereby declares that Batik Tulens is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from misuse of the user's accout.
  11. the user understands and agrees that in order to use the one time password (OTP) security facility, the relevant telecommunications service provider may charge the user at any time with the following nominal value (i) Rp500 plus 10% tax for Indosat, Tri, XL, Smartfren, and Esia; (ii) Rp200 plus 10% tax for Telkomsel.


  1. Buyers are obliged to transact through the transaction procedures set by Batik Tulen. Buyers make payments using the payment method previously selected by the buyer, and will then be processed by Batik Tulen. 
  2. When purchasing an item, the buyer agrees that:
  • The buyer responsible for reading, understanding and agreeing to the information/description of the whole goods (including but not limited color, quality, function, etc.) before making an offer or commitment to buy.
  • The Buyer acknowledges that the actual color of the product as seen on the Batik Tulen website depends on the Buyer's monitor screen. Batik Tulen has made its best efforts to ensure the colors in the photos displayed on the Batik Tulen Site appear as accurately as possible, but cannot guarantee that the color appearance on the Batik Tulen Site will be accurate.
  • The user enters into a legally binding contract to buy goods when the user buys an item.
  • Batik Tulen does not transfer legal ownership over to the Buyer

3          The buyer understands and agrees that the availability of stock of goods is the responsibility of Batik Tulen. Related to the availability of stock of goods may change at any time, so that in the condition of stock of goods is empty, the Batik Tulen will reject the order, and payment for the item in question is returned to the Buyer.

4         Batik Tulen has full authority to refuse payment without prior notification.

5         Payment by the Buyer must be made immediately (not later than the 2 days’ deadline) after the Buyer checks out. If within the time limit the payment or confirmation of payment has not been made by the buyer, Batik Tulen has the authority to cancel the transaction. The user has no right to submit a claim or claim for canceling the transaction.

6         6. Confirmation of payment by cash deposit must be accompanied by news on the deposit slip in the form of an invoice number and name. Payment confirmation without cash information will not be processed by Batik Tulen.

          7. The buyer agrees not to notify or submit proof of payment to parties other than Batik Tulen. In the event of loss due to notification or delivery of proof of payment by the Buyer to another party, then that matter will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

         8. The buyer is obliged to confirm receipt of the goods, after receiving the shipment of goods purchased. Batik Tulen gives a time limit of 2 (two) days after the shipment is "sent" to the Batik Tulen system, for the Buyer to confirm receipt of the Goods. If within the time limit there is no confirmation or claim from the Purchaser, the Buyer has therefore agreed to automatically confirm the receipt of the Goods by the Batik Tulen system.

        9. The Buyer understands and agrees that any item delivery problems caused by late payment are the responsibility of the Buyer.

       10. The Buyer understands and agrees that the problem of late payment processing and additional costs caused by differences in the bank that the Buyer uses with the Batik Tulen official bank account are the Buyer's personal responsibility.



  1. In using any features and/or services of Batik Tulen, Users are prohibited from uploading or using words, comments, images or any content that contains elements of ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group relations (SARA), discrimination, demeaning or cornering others, vulgar, threatening, or things other things that can be considered incompatible with social values ​​and norms. Batik Tulen has the right to take necessary actions in violation of these provisions, including the removal of content, moderation of the store, account blocking, and others.
  2. The User hereby understands and agrees that misuse of the photo/profile picture uploaded by the User is the User's personal responsibility.
  3. Users guarantee that they do not violate intellectual property rights in uploading User content to the Tulen Batik site. Each User is hereby personally liable for violations of intellectual property rights in uploading content on the Tulen Batik Site.


Credit Card

  1. Users can choose to use a choice of payment method using a credit card to purchase goods through the Batik Tulen Site.
  2. Credit card purchases can be made for purchase transactions with a minimum total shopping value of Rp50.000,- (fifty thousand rupiah) and a maximum of Rp100.000.000,- (one hundred million rupiah).
  3. Credit card purchase transactions must comply with the terms and conditions set by Batik Tulen and use the courier/logistics provided and connected to the Batik Tulen Website. 
  4. Users are prohibited from using credit card payment methods outside the designation as a means of payment. 
  5. If there is a purchase transaction using a credit card that violates the legal provisions and / or terms of the Batik Tulen provisions, then Batik Tulen is authorized to:

·         cancel the transaction

·         Withholding transaction funds as long as necessary by Batik Tulen, the Bank, or related payment gateway partners to carry out the necessary investigations, at least 28 working days

·         deducting funds by 15% (fifteen percent) from the transaction value, and also withdrawing the value of the subsidies in connection with the use of credit cards

             6. If the purchase transaction is unsuccessful and/or canceled, the bill for the transaction will be canceled and the transaction funds will be returned to the buyer's credit card limit on the next bill. The provisions in this paragraph do not apply to purchases of goods using a credit card that violates the legal provisions and/or the terms of the Batik Tulen provisions.

             7. Credit cards that can be used for transactions in Batik Tulen are only credit cards issued in Indonesia.

             8. Transactions using the Credit Card payment method will incur an administrative fee of 3% of the total cost to be paid. If the transaction is canceled, the administration fee will not be refunded to the User's credit card limit.

             9. Payments that use the 0% installment program will follow the conditions found on the {{example: https: // batiktulen.com/cicilan} page


Delivery of Goods

  1. Delivery of goods in the Batik Tulen system is obliged to use the services of an expedition company that has received a verification of Batik Tulen partners selected by the Buyer.
  2. Every provision regarding the process of sending goods is the full authority of the provider of the shipping service.
  3. The user understands and agrees that any problems that occur during the process of sending goods by the shipping service provider are the responsibility of the shipping service provider.


Other Provisions

  1. If the User uses the features available on the Batik Tulen website, the User hereby declares to understand and agree to all terms and conditions set.
  2.  Everything that has not been and/or is not regulated in the specific terms and conditions in the feature will fully refer to the terms and conditions of Batik Tulen in general.


Disclaimer Guarantee & Limitation of Liability

Batik Tulen always strives to keep Batik Tulen Services safe, comfortable, and functioning properly, but we cannot guarantee continuous operations or access to our Services can always be perfect. Information and data on the Batik Tulen website have the possibility of not happening in real time.

The User agrees that you are utilizing the Tulen Batik Service at the User's own risk, and the Tulen Batik Service is provided to you as "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE".

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Batik Tulen (including Parent Company, directors and employees) is not responsible, and you agree not to hold Batik Tulen liable, for any damage or loss (including but not limited to loss of money, reputation, other intangible gains or losses) that result directly or indirectly from:

       User's use or inability to use Batik Tulen Services.

       Prices, Delivery or other instructions available in the Batik Tulen service.

       Delays or disruptions in Batik Tulen Services.

       Negligence and loss caused by each User.

       Quality of Goods.

       Delivery of goods.

       Violation of Intellectual Property Rights.

       Defamation of others.

       Any misuse of the Goods that have been purchased by the User.

       Viruses or other dangerous software obtained by accessing, or connecting to, the Tulen Batik service.

       Any disturbance, bugs, errors or inaccuracies in the Tulen Batik Service.

       Contents, actions or non-actions of third parties, including those related to Products contained on the Batik Tulen website that are allegedly fake.

       Enforcement actions taken in connection with a User account.

       Hacking is performed by a third party on the user's account.



If you have a dispute with one or more users, you release Batik Tulen (including Parent Company, Directors, and employees) from claims and claims for damages and losses (actual and implied) of each type and nature, known and unknown, which arising out of or in any way related to the dispute. Accordingly, the User intentionally relinquishes all legal protections (contained in other laws or legal regulations) that would limit the scope of this waiver provision.



The user will release Batik Tulen from compensation claims and safeguard Batik Tulen (including the Parent Company, directors and employees) from any claims or claims, including reasonable legal fees, incurred by third parties arising in the event that you violate this Agreement, use Unusual Batik Services and/or your violation of law or third party rights.


Choice of Law

This agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Indonesian law, without regard to conflicting legal rules. You agree that any legal action or dispute that may arise from, relate to, or be in any way related to the website and/or this Agreement will be resolved exclusively within the jurisdiction of Indonesian courts.



Terms & conditions may be changed and/or updated from time to time without prior notice. Batik Tulen recommends that you read carefully and check the Terms & Conditions page from time to time to find out any changes. By continuing to access and use the Batik Tulen service, the user is deemed to have agreed to changes in the Terms & Conditions.